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10 simple Do’s and Dont’s when it comes to the basics of nutrition with Myhack
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Implementing the following_ very simple rules will go a LONG way towards greatly improving the nutritional aspects of your training.

Do: Consume the biggest meals early in the day.

Don’t: Consume excess carbohydrates 3 hours before you sleep.

Do: Consume 2.5-3 liters of water spaced equally throughout your day, 2% dehydration can reduce performance by as much as 10%!

Don’t: Skip meals when hungry, thinking this will make you lose fat.

Do: Use the mantra ‘little and often·. Consuming smaller portions throughout the day is essential, this may seem counter-intuitive, BUT, alternatively, if you eat large meals less often and periodically starve yourself, your body will adapt to this state and store fat, protecting itself from these future starvation periods.

Don’t: Begin Cardio training too soon after a meal if weight loss is your aim, your body will merely use the food in your stomach as your energy source, rather than use your body fat as fuel.

Do: Consume a high protein meal 30 mins before you go to sleep.

Don’t: Allow your body to become catabolic, (muscle consuming) this happens when you rely on protein as fuel, remember Proteins aren’t an energy source, they are building blocks to create new DNA and Muscle Cells, let them do their job, use limited carbohydrates and more importantly fat, as a fuel source for your routines IF your goal is weight loss!

Do: Optimise your ‘diet routine’ before optimizing your ‘training routine·, the perfect diet is the very foundation of your training, and no amount of training can ·work around’ a poor diet!

Don’t: Think, it’s OK, I can eat this or that and I will simply train it off. You are defeating the purpose of your training, in fact, you are working hard just to stay where you are!

Cindy Landolt

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